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Blog Tour: Royal Crush


Hey friends! It's Mari here, reviewing for one of my FAVOURITE AUTHORS OF ALL TIME!!!!!! Thanks to Rockstar Book Tours, we are bringing you a blog tour for Royal Crush by Meg Cabot! 

Author: Meg Cabot
Pub. Date: August 1, 2017
Publisher: Feiwel & Friends
Pages: 192
Formats: Hardcover, eBook, audiobook
Find it: Amazon, Barnes&Noble, iBooks, TBD, Goodreads

Being the newest princess of Genovia is WAY more complicated than she expected, but Olivia Grace Clarisse Mignonette Harrison is getting used to it. She gets to live in an actual palace with two fabulous poodles, a pet iguana, her very own pony, and, best of all, a loving family to help her figure things out!

And right now Olivia, having finally admitted that she likes Prince Khalil as more than just a friend, could REALLY use some advice. What is a princess supposed to do once she's found a prince she likes? With her half-sister Mia busy enjoying her honeymoon, Olivia turns to Grandmere for help.

The third book in the middle-grade Princess Diaries spin-off series, written and illustrated by New York Times-bestselling author Meg Cabot.

About Meg: 
The kween herself
Meg Cabot is a #1 New York Times bestselling author of books for both adults and tweens/teens. There have been over 25 million copies of Meg’s nearly 80 published books sold in 38 countries. Her last name rhymes with habit, as in “her books can be habit forming.” She currently lives in Key West, Florida with her husband and various cats.

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Let me make something very clear. I do not, ever, read middle grade fiction. EVER. It's not my thing, nor was it when I was the age that it's targeted for.

But I will always, ALWAYS make an exception for Meg Cabot. She is a kween among women, and I will always give her books a try, especially when it comes to the Princess Diaries.

I'm so glad I made that rule.

I was expecting the whole Princess Olivia series to be a watered-down version of the original parent series. But it wasn't. It hit all the notes that the original did, but in a fresh way, geared toward a new generation of readers. Olivia is much like her half-sister Mia, in that she is neurotic and obsessive over the things that she loves, and her relationships with her friends and family are very similar to Mia's. She is a plucky and relatable heroine, and her personality is so freaking charming! But while that may seem like Cabot is simply trying to recreate something that she had with her other series, it really doesn't read that way. Trust me. 

The things that made me fall in love with the Princess Diaries in the first place, (that it was about a girl who came from a "common" life, and now lives with her rather trying royal Grandmere and family) are present in this series as well. What is new however, is that Olivia lives (and goes to middle school) in Genovia. It brings a new level to the story having her be surrounded by young royals, unlike her sister. It's hilarious seeing Olivia trying to navigate her new royal life. Plus her crush on a certain Prince is super cute to read. 

What also made me hesitant about reading this, was that it felt like I was cheating on Mia, what with reading about her sister and all. But never fear. Mia has a prominent role in the book (what with her pregnancy and all!) and even her friends are mentioned. Also, her mother and Rocky are still around, and reading about their happy life in Genovia is wonderful. It really makes you feel better about read-cheating on the original series.

All in all, this book hit all the right notes, and Olivia is a new princess for a new generation of readers. And (dare I say it?) even old ones like myself!

Recommended for people who enjoy: The Princess Diaries, contemporary fiction, middle grade

Rating: 9/10 Stars

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Well that's it from me! Let me know what you think of the Princess Olivia books, and if you missed my review of the first Princess Diaries book, click here to check it out!

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  1. Awwww, what a great review. Thanks Mari!!

    1. Anytime Ms. Cabot! I simply LOVE your work, as I've basically grown up with it (talk about a shock when I realised I am Mia's age in Forever Princess..)! I was over the moon when you extended the Princess Diaries series with this one and Royal Wedding (It's my favourite of yours)! -Mari