Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Doppelgänger Duels: Divergent vs the Hunger games

Hey, everyone!
   I'm sure every major book nerd out there has noticed that some books are a lot alike. Well, we have too. So we decided to dedicate a segment to book twins, or doppelgängers. Anyways, there are some more famous duplicates, and then there are the ones that are rarely noticed. We're going to try listing from both categories as much as we can. First things, first. Our first post is going to be an obvious one:


Divergent vs. the Hunger Games

   Both set in dystopian worlds, Divergent and the Hunger Games have the same plot. The main female character has been used, or attempted to be killed, and must now overthrow her government to make their land safe again and to finally end their battling. In Divergent, Tris must take down Jeanine Matthews with the rebellion, while in the Hunger games Katniss has to kill President Snow, with her rebellion.
   Starting to sound like the same book? No? I haven't even started ranting about the factions/districts yet. Really, there's not much that can be said. They're the same thing, as easy as that. One of the only differences is that there are five factions while there are thirteen districts. Also, the factions and districts represent different things. The factions represent personality traits: Intelligence, Bravery,
Honesty,  Selflessness and Kindness. The Districts represent specific industries like electronics, fishing, electrical power, lumber, transportation, agriculture and mining.
   Another similarity is their personality and the fact that Tris and Katniss both make sacrifices for their family. In Divergent (the series in general), Tris consistently does whatever she thinks is right (even if it hurts Tobias) in order to help her friends and her family. She risks her life whenever needed, and is kinda reckless about it.
Katniss is partly the same way. She strategizes the best way to help her people and her family, then acts on it, even if her life is in the balance.
    And then there are the differences...
   Katniss Everdeen volunteers for the Hunger Games after her sister is picked. She must outwit and outlive all the other contestants in order to return to her family and get back to the life she was living. Tris Prior chooses to leave her family behind and find her true self. She is also tested, through the Initiation, but she does this for herself and not for her family.
  Then there's the economical point of view. The people living in futuristic Chicago get to choose their role in society: either to be a teacher or work for the police force. They get to pick what they want to do and who they want to be. Meanwhile in Panem, the civilians are forced to do the job allotted to their district: work in a field or a mine. This is an enormous difference! Where would you rather live: in the semi-free Chicago or in the communist Panem?

So that's that! Stay updated for the next Doppelgänger Duel!!


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