Monday, August 15, 2016

Book Review: The Forgetting

The Forgetting by Sharon Cameron

Released: September 13, 2016
Read: July 2016
Publisher: Scholastic
Format: ARC, 416 pages
Series: Stand-alone

Description on Goodreads:

    What isn't written, isn't remembered. Even your crimes.
    Nadia lives in the city of Canaan, where life is safe and structured, hemmed in by white stone walls and no memory of what came before. But every twelve years the city descends into the bloody chaos of the Forgetting, a day of no remorse, when each person's memories – of parents, children, love, life, and self – are lost. Unless they have been written.
    In Canaan, your book is your truth and your identity, and Nadia knows exactly who hasn't written the truth. Because Nadia is the only person in Canaan who has never forgotten.
    But when Nadia begins to use her memories to solve the mysteries of Canaan, she discovers truths about herself and Gray, the handsome glassblower, that will change her world forever. As the anarchy of the Forgetting approaches, Nadia and Gray must stop an unseen enemy that threatens both their city and their own existence – before the people can forget the truth. And before Gray can forget her.

    "I am made of my memories". Nadia, the Dyer's daughter lives in the city of Canaan, where life is simple and everything is not as it seems. Every twelve years, the citizens of Canaan forget who they are, who they love, and everything that once mattered to them. But not Nadia. She remembers everything that the people around her don't. It's quite fascinating to read about how having memories isn't always a good thing, and that sometimes it's better to forget.
   The Forgetting by Sharon Cameron is filled with bright, enthusiastic characters, who leave who throbbing to meet them by the end of the novel. As for the city, it's as if you're actually there, walking the streets along side Nadia and Gray. Each house and each occupation is described beautifully, so is beyond the wall. I'd recommend this novel to anyone that likes Divergent by Veronica Roth or the Giver by Lois Lowry, for it is a combination of both and leaves you wanting more.

Favourite Quotes:

  • “It's my choice today that is the memory of tomorrow. It's my choice that determines what I will become. Not the memories of the past.” 
  • “The past is never really gone. It only lies in wait for you, remembered or forgotten.” 
  • “Truth can look so flimsy and feeble sometimes. It's one of the things I hold against it.” 
  • "I am made of my memories."
  • "Knowing the truth makes me alone. I wrote that once, but I think I was wrong. Fear of pain is what has made me alone. But today I realized that pain and love have a balance. I can feel so much of one only because I feel so much of the other." 
  • "No one could take as many risks as I do and never be caught. I know this. But when my day comes, I will never say I'm sorry. Because I have been taught to say the truth in Canaan."

Rating: 9/10

Recommended if you like: the Giver, Divergent, dystopian, revenge, novels about memory loss

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